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Great counting book~ sequal to Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom. Also teaches place value-- with a twist of adventure and fun.
Books By Bill & Michael

I Love Our Earth

Celebrate our home in this joyous, poetic tribute to the Earth's colors, climates, and seasons. Panoramic photographs capture the majesty of nature from swirling deserts to curling ocean waves. Close-ups reveal quieter treasures like springy moss and sunlit leaves. Tying all these wonders together are the faces of children from around the globe, reflecting our shared connection to the planet.

A wee paean to the glories of nature, in an accessible format... Each spread comprises a nature photo occupying a page plus half the facing page: mountain, sunset, ocean, snow. The other half-page contains the text and a small photo of a child, alone or with an adult. Each on of the pictures featuring a child picks up a color or a tone from the facing nature image, as when a ruddy moppet's green t-shirt picks up the great green of a meadow. Ecology for the very youngest.-- Booklist, February 2006

Chicka, Chicka, 1, 2, 3!
1. PARENTING MAGAZINE Book of the Year for 2004

A counting-book companion to Martin and Ehlert's Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom. The cut-paper art is almost identical to the earlier work, right down to the use of vibrant splashes of color. The layout will also be familiar to that title's many fans. At the center of the story this time, however, is an apple tree. Numerals race to the top with 1, 2, and 3 leading the way. Next come 4, 5, and 6 climbing right behind, but "Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3. Will there be a place for me?" asks 0. Page after page, the numbers climb ("Hot pink 12, lucky 13, picking apples, red and green") and they all forget 0 down in the lower right-hand corner. They keep going "until at last there's 99, and all the numbers are feeling fine." Except for 0, that is, who begins to cry once again, "Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3. Will there be a place for me?" And, at precisely that moment, a swarm of bumblebees arrives shouting, "GET OUT OF OUR TREE.." Alas, the counting begins anew, this time backward. And 0, no bad apple, finally discovers his life's calling and rightful place: at the very top of the tree next to 10, who stayed there all along, becoming. 100. This story is a perfect selection for 100th day or Zero the Hero celebrations. A deliciously sweet selection, and a nifty counting book to boot.

I Pledge Allegiance
1. ALA (American Library Association) Notable Children's Books
2. Book Links Editor's Best of 2002
3. Chicago Public Library Best Books for Children and Teens

This book combines two texts--the pledge--plus what the words of the pledge really means! ? Children in the United States have been reciting the Pledge of Allegiance since 1892 -- and for about that long, they've found its big words confusing. According to Publishers Weekly, it's "Simple without being simplistic, this cleverly designed volume spells out the concrete meaning behind the words in the Pledge of Allegiance while deftly communicating the democratic spirit and principles that inspired it."

Wild Bear
From dawn to dusk, follow the adventures of this cute little bear. This little 8 page book is a great first-read for young children. ?

Caddie the Golf Dog
THE UNFORGETTABLE STORY OF A DOG IN SEARCH OF A HOME You'll never forget Caddie . . . the lovable, stray dog who is accidentally separated from the young girl who wants to give her a new home. It's love at first sight--twice--followed by a stirring reunion that will leave you with a smile and a tear. ?

Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson have collaborated to produce a fast-paced rhythmic text about the exciting last minute of a girls' basketball game between the Cardinals and the Bluejays. Michael Chesworth's dynamic, energetic illustrations capture the suspense of the game from every angle ?

Little Granny Quarterback
The winning team that brought you the girl's basketball book, "Swish," now turn their talents loose on football. Retired QB Granny Whiteoak, a former superstar and the first female to win the Heisman trophy, sits at home watching the game on TV until the cry for her assistance lures her back to the gridiron. Chesworth's raucous paintings propel the story to the final, surprising touchdown. "Little Granny Quarterback, Rah! Rah! Rah!" ?

Rock It, Sock It, Number Line
What Chicka Chicka Boom Boom did for letters, this book does for numbers. The King and Queen declare "party time!" in the vegetable garden as they dance and sing their way through numbers

Star of the Circus
Is it Marvelous Mouse, who balances so jauntily on the high wire? Perhaps it's Jazzy Giraffe, who juggles rings and flame-throwing Zany Zebra with equal ease? How about Elegant Elephant, the ringmaster, who conducts the entire procedure and makes sure it all runs smoothly? ?

Trick or Treat?
Going trick-or-treating on Halloween means a bag filled with delicious caramel pops, jelly beans, candy bars...until Merlin waves his magic wand and turns everything WackBards! Whoever heard of paramel cops, belly jeans, and bandy cars? How will the spell be broken?

Yummy Tum Tee.
By Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson. Illustrated by Olivier Dunrea. Delightful text that features a hungry bear cub in an easy to read text that features the colors.
Star of the Circus.
Illustrated by Jose Aruego. Henry Holt. The amazing story of circus animals who decide to hold their own circus to decide who the star of the circus is. Features linguistic pattern that will enhance the readability for young readers; but, more importantly, who is the star of the circus? You'll be surprised!

Si Won's Victory.
By Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson. Illustrations by Floyd Cooper. Scott Foresman (Celebration Press). Story of Si Won, a young Korean child who has to prove he belongs in American culture. A moving, sensitive story of a two children who reach out in friendship and love.


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