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Great counting book~ sequal to Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom. Also teaches place value-- with a twist of adventure and fun.

Italy, Germany, France, Spain, England, Japan & China

European & Asia  2010 Tour 

Keynote to K-2   45 minutes  How I Became A Writer!  Includes Q&A with students and teachers

Keynote to 3-5    50 minutes  After the Idea: Researching and Writing Books   Includes Q&A with students and teachers

Middle and High School Visits How I Became A Writer!   The focus is on writing as a career and how writing and effective communication supports all careers.

Classroom Visits   Around 10 minutes each   I usually talk with the children and perhaps read them a story I am working on.  I also like them to share with me the stories they are writing! I can visit up to five classrooms.

Book autographing  I take time to meet students and autograph their books.

Parent Session  I'll be glad to meet with parents and the community to discuss books and reading.

Every school may personalize my time with them in whatever way best meets their needs.

in progress  

I'll be in Europe and China doing school visits at Department of Defense Schools and International Schools next year.  I have special pricing for this tour, so check with me now for available dates via

I also meet with older student to talk about being an author.


The story behind our classic poetry collection...